About Us

Allow us to introduce South Pacific Paint Ltd. and its background to you.

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Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

Our vision is to be the paint and coatings supplier of choice in the Pacific region known for the excellence of our products and services.

Mission statement

Our mission is to use paint technology and training to beautify and protect our clients’ assets. We achieve this through customer service and collaboration with our clients to meet their needs.


We value quality, our environment and honest dealing in all of our relationships.

Business goals & objectives

Our short term goals are to establish the Nippon Paint brand in Papua New Guinea, and serve all major markets. We will win acceptance of our products and services in the large and small contractor sectors.

From a solid base of operations in PNG, SPP will expand into the Pacific Islands in line with our agreement with Nippon Paint Malaysia.

Growth strategy

We will achieve growth through planned expansion into markets, education of home owners on maintaining their assets’ value through “maintenance,” and via strategic partnerships within local markets. We will build a solid platform through excellence in recruiting and training our sales and support staff.

To make our product more accessible, we will continue to expand our retail network by appointing reputable dealers to deliver our products and services.

Branding is an important aspect of our growth, and we will build the Nippon Paint name through aggressive and innovative marketing.